I believe most of us have the intention of being honest and real when we become aware of challenges and painful circumstances others are having, be it an illness or serious medical condition they are facing, their loss of a loved one, or some kind of financial hardship or material loss. But sometimes it is difficult to recognize when we are simply slipping into one of our own, old pair of shoes that we unintentionally slip on. Those are familiar and comfortable while we’re wearing them. Yet, speaking for myself, when I have them on, I am left with a sense of disappointment…in myself. For I recognize that my heart wasn’t really the source of my thoughts, words, or actions; I was not connected with my spiritual essence.

As I gave this notion more consideration, I realized the answer was to walk in their shoes! And just what does that look like and feel like? That’s what this blog will attempt to lay out for your consideration and contemplation. And, of course, for mine which occurs as I capture what comes to me to write.

It makes sense to me that I share on this idea—that there are rewards gained when we walk in another’s shoes—from two perspectives: 1) what it looks like and feels like for me, and what those rewards might be and 2) what I imagine it might look like and feel like for the other person and what their rewards might also be when they experience me walking in their shoes.

1. What it looks like and feels like for me: My heart space is open and I seem to have a clearer vision of the circumstances they are going through. I am able to experience the uncertainty, even the fear they may be experiencing, and my heart fills with compassion and understanding. Yet I don’t feel a need to, in any way, paint over the reality of what they are experiencing; I am able to remain silent and listen, allowing Spirit to guide me, assured whatever I may be moved to do or say will be a blessing for them. I feel blessed by being able to share a moment of connection with another soul and gratitude fills my heart. I know God is in the midst of us and we are both One with the One.

2. What I imagine it might look like and feel like for the other person and what their rewards might also be when they experience me walking in their shoes: They sense my being centered in and speaking from my heart, for they recognize and feel the energies of Faith, Love, Understanding, Patience, Compassion, Wisdom, and Strength, and they experience the feeling of no longer being alone in their circumstance. They are able to sense those same qualities within themselves and they begin to relax, to let go and rest in the knowledge that things are in divine order. They are in that flow and experience a moment of peace.

You may be asking yourself, “How do you know any of this?”

My answer is that I’ve looked at past and recent times when I have unintentionally slipped into those old thought patterns of the ego mind that sometimes is just too busy to take the time to get centered and allow ourselves the benefits of living with an open heart. I have walked through situations, wearing an old pair of worn-out shoes. And, just during the past hour or so, as I wrote this, I became still and allowed myself to experience the visions and feelings of the heart and simply shared my experience.

I hope you’ve been considering the contents of this blog and that it has served you in some small way. If it seems to you that I sometimes, repeat myself in these blogs, well, that’s because I need to revisit some of these topics from time to time, and I imagine others may as well.

Have a blessed day!

Love & Light, Steven