So often, we learn who we are from what we’re told by others. This is particularly true for all of us when we are very young and are dependent upon our parents, older siblings, and other adults who have a hand in grooming us for adulthood.

We typically learn how to “be” a boy/man or a girl/woman from whoever is raising us during our early years, but what we are taught can vary dramatically, depending upon who are our “teachers.” If we’re being raised in a two-parent home by a traditional, married heterosexual couple, then you might reasonably expect what we all learn to be somewhat similar, although even that may vary, depending upon our ethnic, societal, economic, political, and religious roots. If you are over sixty years old, you can probably relate to all of this, but if you’re younger than that, it’s likely your childhood and young adult experiences and influences have been very

The early nineteen-sixties and the decade that followed brought with it a rebellion against many of our societal rules, with more and more of us finding freedom of expression exhilarating, even if it had to be expressed secretly. And with the need for secrecy came emotional and psychological problems. And sometimes self-revelations that were painful to look at and perhaps own. We’re talking about things like addictions, closeted homosexuality, and bi-sexuality, to name just a few. Fortunately, organizations like Alcoholics Anonymous, Narcotics Anonymous, and Al-Anon became life-saving groups that provided support
to those dealing with addictions.

By the end of the twentieth century, Gay Pride brought people out of their closets and into the streets of major cities across the world. And more and more self-acknowledged Gay men and women were encouraged to seek a seat in their local, county, and state governments and successfully campaigned to be elected. For many of us who still hold to more conservative views and values, these changes are threatening realities. One need only look at what has happened over the past decade and what is happening right this very minute. The growing divide, the spread of misinformation, and outright lies are apparent no matter what TV news channel you watch. Speaking for myself, it can be triggering, leaving me…for a few moments at least…to question just how strong is my Faith?

Now, more than ever before, we need to stop and ask ourselves this question: Do you really know who you are?

If you are reading this blog, then I’m willing to wager that you are on a path very similar to the one I’m on, though not necessarily the same path. Are you seeking a sense of connection that lets you know others understand what you may be experiencing? Or are you looking to better understand yourself?

Ah! Now I think I may be able to support you, all the while reminding myself of what I, too, need to keep in mind as I share the rest of this blog.

First, I AM a spiritual being having a human experience! When I own the Truth of my BEing, I must necessarily also accept and know that I AM a unique expression of all that God is (and God is the only power in the universe). So, my question to you is, again: Do you really know that? Or are you feeling something that doesn’t compute with your divine nature? Are you perhaps hearing something that you’ve just now allowed to surface into your awareness, something that you’ve avoided inquiry about because it has been too painful?

Guess what? Whatever it is, it’s not true! What it is is an old hidden shadow belief formed and taken on as truth when you were too young to question it. I’m not going to attempt to cover the steps I’ve learned, steps that have empowered me to look at these shadow beliefs (we all have them) in a new Light of compassionate inquiry and to then release them. Instead, I can encourage you to read “Curiosity, the Gateway into Knowing” or “What’s Your Story, and does it still serve you?” and then, if you are interested in a more in-depth understanding of the material, I suggest you Google “The Art of Quantum Living” or “The Q Effect.” They have been and are the basis for much of what I now understand about myself and my shadow parts.

The truth of who we are won’t be found by simply wearing it as an outer garment and showing up for services on Sundays or at other spiritual gatherings and then tossing it aside once we leave. ‘Been there. ‘Done that! In the long run, it doesn’t work!

I know that we often have an expectation of being given some kind of positive answer or solution to a life puzzle as broad as the one posed by this blog. What I am being guided to offer is something that was given to me this past year during a period of contemplation. Some of you have probably seen it before. What I can say is that I read it every morning before I move into my day. Its title is an acronym that embraces thirteen actions that serve me well. Perhaps they will be enough to serve you as well.


Only hold in mind what you want more of.
Prepare each day by beginning it with some quiet prayer time.
Elevate your thoughts to elevate the quality of your life.
Never doubt what your intuition is telling you.

You are an exquisite and unique expression of God and don’t ever question that!
Offer your very best in all that you do and know it is enough!
Unbind yourself from doubts and unforgiveness that keep you from expressing who you truly are!
Relax, slow down, rest and take in the beauty all around you.

Hear, with a mind open to discovery, what others have to say and offer.
Enter each new day with an awareness of God’s Presence in all things.
Allow time in your day for unbridled fun and give it your all!
Review your day and learn what you can from it.
Trust in God first and then in yourself; trust in others will follow as a result.


Love and Light, Steven