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Both of Steven’s latest booklets, numbers four and five, are now available on Amazon’s website – here’s what they’re about!

SILLY ME! (a path to self-acceptance)

In Steven’s own words, “The declaration, ‘Silly me!’ came to me several years ago during a time of intense inner work when I was still dealing with a driver behavior and a false belief centered around the idea that I had to do things perfectly. In my world of growing up, there seemed to be a formula for getting along with others and being happy and it was a very simple one: Please other people! And do as you’re told! But, as it turned out, it wasn’t so simple a task as I’d thought it would be because, try as I did, I rarely felt safe around the people I was attempting to please. And I can’t say that I ever felt “happy” as I currently know that to be. Today I would probably choose another term, like content or peace-filled or joy-filled. Or maybe free. Free to be who I AM, warts and all.

Embracing Change

This latest booklet addresses the challenges of dealing with the changes we all experience in our daily living. Steven shares with you:

  • some of the blocks and obstacles to change
  • the treasures revealed through compassionate inquiry
  • what’s involved in taking those first steps into freedom from limitation
  • the role judgment plays in our lives
  • how to make room for the changes you want in your life and
  • the importance of Daily prayer and meditation time

Like the first five booklets in this series, the future spiritual booklets will each have a complimentary, customized “Companion Notebook” that can be downloaded once a booklet has been purchased. These notebooks support readers in completing written exercises that are offered throughout each booklet to support your understanding of the transformative path laid out for you, as well as providing space to take notes during the reading of each chapter.

E-book versions of all the booklets in this series will also be available.

Special Notice and Offering

You can still order and receive the Messages from the Heart Collection of

all five spiritual booklets for a discounted price of $40.00 for all five. Steven

will even throw in a complimentary copy of the first novel in the spiritual trilogy,

The Darien Chronicles: Objects for Reflection, a Journey into Love (Part 1 – In the Beginning)

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