“Definitely food for thought. So much easier all ways around when I move into the co-pilot seat and stop trying to steer the plane. I’m grateful to have that awareness.”
- P.C.

“Wow, Steve! One comment under “Transform your life!” where you list what it means to you; I’m using each one as an affirmation for myself. They work perfectly. I’m so grateful to have a friend who’s a genius! Now I have to finish reading the blog. I just had to stop and say, ‘Thanks.'”
- T.T.

“I totally resonate with this, Steve. I am finally realizing in a deeper way that it’s the experiencing, not the intellectualizing, that leads to my connection, peace, and happiness! Thanks.”

- K.

“Well done, Steve. ‘Think I needed this today.”
- D.D.

“You inspire me, Steve!”

- G.L.G.

“Good blog…thank you.”
- J.D.

“Thanks, Steve. What a wonderful reminder. You are a great role model to always keep expanding our horizons and comfort sones. Namaste.”
- K.

“Thank you, Steve! This was good! I needed this exact meditation this evening!”
- K.N.

“Such a soothing voice and message. I conked out for a few but it was nice to hear.”
- R.R.

“If people want a roadmap of how to change their lives and their perceptions and identify shadow aspects or limiting/false beliefs, this will help them!” 

- Carla Carder Knack, LUT

About Steven Howard's newly published booklet, "Living In the Moment"

Pre-publication Endorsement

“Curiosity: The Gateway into Knowing” gives you the chance to have true insight. Becoming curious, you will look inside yourself and see yourself through fresh eyes. Knowing yourself a bit better, a new perspective emerges. Transformation and healing are possible and you can live spiritually empowered. Here is the gateway; it is your time to know. I highly recommend walking through these pages.

Rev. Gay Lynn Williamson-Grigas, LMHC, CAP

“A triumph of the human spirit baked with mystery, suspense, sexual pursuits, and personal failures to the unveiling of one’s true nature. From shifting sand early life foundation and a life fraught with struggles and temptations, the story demonstrates Viktor Frankl’s quote, ‘Ask not what you expect of life; ask what life expects of you.’

“With diligent self-awareness, drive and a dedication to being guided by the spiritual realm, this man grows to be a ‘real’ man as he shunned his father’s labels and modeled his soft-heart side, letting his heart guide his mind.

“An investigative and granular approach to comprehending the meaning of life’s challenges, this read lends insights to all pursuers of living more in the spiritual realm and fulfilling what life expects of each of us.”  

 Rev. Marge Browne – Transformational Change Agent, Certified Soul Realignment Practitioner,  www.margebrown2020.com

Gary Simmons, Th.D. Author of : “The I of the Storm: Embracing Conflict, Creating Peace;” “The Soul’s Conspiracy: Master Conflict, Transform Your Life;” and co-founder of the “Q Process.” tm

“According to Eric Butterworth and quoted by Steven Howard, ‘The chief work of man’s life is to always Call to rembrance his true nature, which is created in the image and likeness of God who is love, and get on with the business of life–which is for loving.’ Steven Howard has brilliantly demonstrated this guiding spiritual principle through his authentic and powerful written parables. Enjoy the correlation in your own ‘going deeper.'”

Martha Creek, Martha Creek Ministries at www.marthacreek.com

It touched my very spirit! – June 21, 2018

“From the moment I began to read this masterfully-written book, I had difficulty putting it down! Steven Howard has woven the life’s journey of young Darien into a compelling narrative that touched my very spirit brought tears to my eyes, and propelled me to want to continue with Book 2, which I’m also enjoying immensely! I’m glad the chapters aren’t too long, which means that I can navigate through Darien’s adventures without feeling “bogged down” in a long chapter. If a down-to-earth, no nonsense book interests you, I highly recommend The Darien Chronicles!”

– Rev. Ann Marie Acasio 

I became emotionally attached to the main character, Darien, in the first book, “The Darien Chronicles, Part One – In the Beginning”, where the author does a wonderful job of writing from the perspective of a young boy. The author makes you feel the fear, sadness, and anger that growing up can do to a young person. It’s easy to relate to Darien’s experiences and why they had such a profound impact on his later years.
“Part Two – Into the Wasteland” builds on Darien’s problems and how they affect his life. While reading this part is no walk in the park, due to the negativity Darien experiences as well as his own negative viewpoint, it is vital to understanding how he came to that point in his life.
“Part Three – Moving into the Light, had me cheering for Darien for getting his life together. It didn’t happen overnight, there was so much work involved and much introspection, as well as connecting with his true nature. His story shows that we are all capable of love and joy if we look for the light within each of us.
I highly recommend all three of these books!

Rhonda Hall – May 2019

“Inspiration reminiscent of Richard Bach’s Jonathan Livingston Seagull.  I could feel where this work came from and it moved me to my core.  Truly a story that will speak to you on many levels.”

Gwen Peterson-Founder of Spiritual Communities Network                             www.spiritualcommunitiesnetwork.com

“Hi Steven, ‘Just finished Part 1 of The Darien Chronicles.  You are a powerful, gentle, and inspiring writer, just as you are a powerful, gentle, and inspiring man. Thanks so much for your first masterpiece.  I truly enjoyed it and can’t wait for part 2.

Love and blessings to you!” –  K. D. 

“Steve Howard’s debut book is a thought-provoking, coming-of-age story about a young, adopted boy struggling to survive in a dysfunctional family and seemingly dysfunctional world. The reader is immediately immersed into the character’s emotional turmoil which is punctuated by brief interludes of spirituality. The book is a well written, captivating read. I am looking forward to following Darien’s journey in the sequel, ‘Part 2 – Into the Wasteland’.”             

–  Linda Leonard