brief Guided Meditations

We have for you a new, brief guided meditation

below on this page for the month of March 2023. The focus is on simply being still and using this time to support our spiritual journey as we allow the inner spiritual power of WISDOM to move us toward the realization of our divine purpose, to embrace a re-birth of our Spirit, and to begin anew as we move further on into this new year.

This is the affirmation:

“The activity of Spirit within me cleanses my mind of limited and false beliefs, making room for greater understanding and wisdom, and a renewed vision of Life.”

A special guided meditation from the past

This is an old guided meditation that Steven created many years ago, when he was a participant in the TOPS (Take Off Pounds Sensibly) weight loss program in the late 1990s and early 2000s. When he discovered it among his old cassette recordings, he realized that for many of us, our weight is a constant issue, trying to lose pounds and then keep the weight off.

So, he decided to offer this recording in the hope it will serve some of you who struggle with the same issue and find some of the other current weight-loss programs too expensive or too restrictive.

Please just click on the recording icon, close your eyes, and listen.

A Master mind prayer practice

This is a very powerful meditation and reading of the seven steps that define a Master Mind group prayer practice.