As I review my efforts to serve others through my writings and my website, I am being nudged into having to ask this question about my website. Is it time to make plans to shut it down? 

While I am resisting the idea that I may need to do just that, I also realize all things come to an end in order for there to be a space for a new beginning, a new chapter in one’s life. I think, however, it is not wise to do that in a vacuum…without first seeking feedback. That is what this blog is about.

Let me share with you some things you may be unaware of (unless you, too, have a website and are familiar with the costs involved in its upkeep and maintenance).

  1. First, is not set up as a non-profit, so it must be self-sustaining in order to keep it a viable venture; it is not.
  2. I have had to invest private funds that now exceed an estimated twenty-thousand dollars just within the past two years, most of which has been spent to cover expenses associated with improving and maintaining my website.
  3. The indicators of a successful result include increased numbers of clients, increasing numbers of website visits and usage by clients, feedback from readers and visitors, and book sales; none of those indicators suggest I am being successful in meeting or fulfilling the intended purpose of the website.

A handful of you have offered your feedback, and most of it has been positive and, if ever critical, always with good intentions. For that, I am deeply grateful! Your support has sustained my belief that if only one person has been served by my writings, that is enough. Unfortunately, it doesn’t address the need for income to sustain a business website.

Until now, I have never felt the need to enlist my potential readership (and I use that word because I can’t really know whether you read my blogs and newsletters or not) in helping me make such an important decision (to close down the website, once I’ve met my financial obligations associated with the current website support contracts in effect). But it has come to that.

At the end of every blog that is posted onto my website, there is a section that provides you the opportunity to offer your feedback. I will be reviewing whatever you offer, and I will share the results each month over the next few months of the new year 2023.

With Love & Light, I wish you a most blessed holiday season and a fulfilling new year!