“Our heart space has access to a whole different array of words than that of our human mind.”

That is a tentative conclusion I am reaching as I try, unsuccessfully, I might add, to deal with my own shadow beliefs and remain authentic while also unintentionally creating a story about others who also operate in accordance with their own unique languages of the heart and of the mind. Because it all, eventually, comes back to me! And that is why this blog is titled as it is.

So, if you can relate to any of what I’ve just shared with you, then read on as I further explain the dilemma in which I find myself at this moment.

First, let me be real about this! No swimming in words that paint a picture of how I wish things were: me being all-knowing and guided by the inner voice of Spirit. That’s not where I find myself at this moment.

Where I am is feeling frustrated as I try to listen to and follow what I perceive to be that inner voice that guides me to do less, to live in the moment and experience joy, gratitude, and peace when that pattern seems to be at odds with the needs and demands of others.

I’ve been asking myself how I can resolve this challenge without resorting to finger-pointing? How do I claim my right to live in accordance with my own inner guidance when I find myself being drawn into the pattern of living created by someone I love so dearly, someone who, in so many ways, serves and supports me and adds so much joy and meaning to my life?

Let me repeat myself: This is about my sh*t! Somehow, however, my own frequent reminder to others to Stop! Breathe! And listen? It is just falling on deaf ears.

Last evening, I was blessed when I joined a live Quantum Living coaching and debriefing workshop led by one of the three co-founders of The Q Effecttm training program (now known as the Quantum Living Practice). As it turned out, I was the only person who showed up for the class, and while I didn’t have a worksheet ready for debriefing, I did have the opportunity to share this dilemma and receive some feedback and solid guidance that left me with food for thought and consideration.

A couple of questions were offered for me to consider:

  • What are the feelings and needs of my own inner kid? What does he need to feel empowered enough to deal with the challenge without resisting or going into hiding?
  • How might I approach the challenge directly without naming or blaming? Perhaps by choosing a time when the issue has slipped away from conscious awareness and inviting who matters to me into a conversation that I introduce as a story I’ve been creating? Because that is the truth! It’s just a story in my head. And maybe if I own that, and I’m open to hearing what the other person’s story is, how they are experiencing the situation (and they feel safe enough to share that experience), we will reach some common ground that breaks the impasse and connects us in a way that matters and leaves room for each to understand and respect the needs of the other while also feeling free to pursue their life as they are so inspired.

Do I now have a clear answer to my own situation? No. But I do now recognize that each of us lives and operates using slightly different languages, and my objective now is to do more listening in an effort to learn the nuances of what I hear and also to be more aware of my own choice of words and actions and how they may impact others. And put in this context, it seems far less a challenge and more an opportunity!

And how about you? I am always open to and grateful for any comments and feedback you may have to offer!

Love & Light, Steven