This topic is particularly relevant for us to all consider as we plan how and with whom we intend to spend our time during the holidays this year. And while the COVID19 pandemic certainly must be weighing on our minds as a major consideration, at least for many of us, I believe the topic of family-of-origin vs. family-of-choice is one worth my time exploring and writing about and your time reading and perhaps giving more thought, particularly if you are experiencing some inner conflicts about your own plans or those of your family and loved ones.

I know from listening to friends and family, children and grandchildren (and great-grandchildren in some cases!) are of primary importance to them, particularly during the holidays and on birthdays and other key events like wedding anniversaries.

Being a family of two, my wife and I have had to look to developing a family-of-choice which has grown over our lifetimes together. Some of those friendships were formed years and years ago and have sustained the test of time, challenging circumstances, and moves we’ve made over the past forty-plus years. And while we’ve also been blessed with some wonderful friendships over these last fourteen years we’ve been in The Villages, some of those distant friendships have deepened and remained very present in our lives, thanks to modern technology.

It is through the miracles of Zoom, Skype, FaceTime, texting, iPads and iPhones, Facebook, etc. that we are able to both see and hear anyone we want. And there is always that old stand-by, the telephone, to at least speak with friends or family and let them know they are on our minds.

So just how important is it to be physically with family-of-origin and what may be the risks involved if we need to travel distances? What may be the risks to our own health as well as to others?

With so many options available to us to see and celebrate the holidays with loved ones virtually (have you forgotten that, if one’s heart is fully open, one can feel the love connection with another person? Perhaps even see it in their eyes?), it seems to me we all have a number of choices we can make. It ultimately is one we must each make for ourselves. Just remember there are options open to us and, whatever choice we make, may we feel it is one that is in alignment with our inner spirit and is one that serves the greater good.

Have a blessed, safe, and healthy holiday season and New Year!

Love & Light, Steven