This blog title came to me this morning and it felt like a blessing following a recent period of on and off moments of sadness and, yes, a touch of depression regarding recent transitions and other kinds of losses. I’d found temporary solace last week, the result of having taken to heart what I’d been guided to share with you about BE-ing vs. DO-ing and unconditional love of all aspects that make up who we are. But then “the blues” reentered my life and I was at another “choice point.” Do I resist the feelings and put on a happy face? Do I allow the feelings to drive me into isolation? Or do I accept, unconditionally, that no matter what I may be feeling, God is present, right here, right now!

That I know is a spiritual truth. God is ALL, and God is everywhere present at all times, for there is no time when God is not. I AM an expression of the all-ness of God, one point of Its Light, expressing as me. And I have Faith it is so.

What does that do for me?

It supports my capacity for self-acceptance. It enables me to see that whatever I may think is happening around me and to me does not have the power to shake my Faith. That what I think I am seeing is only my perception of things. I am not alone or disconnected (no matter what thoughts to the contrary may be surfacing in my mind). These moments of sadness and grief are simply signs for me to take with me into the Silence for possible guidance. And until I experience a knowing of a clear direction to take, I do what I can do that supports my purpose, that brings me into a sense of balance in my life, moment by moment.

And as I share these thoughts, I wonder if others…you, ever have similar moments, yet another thought which comes out of wanting to know we’re not alone. Whether you can relate to any of the shifting thoughts and feelings I’ve shared with you or not, I hope, if nothing else, the reminder that God is present, right here, right now enables you to stop, take a deep breath, and affirm it for yourself and those you love.

Love & Light, Steven