As we come to the end of October, we leave behind all the traditions and our focus on Halloween, the Jack-O-lanterns, trick-or-treating, and scary costumes and decorations around our homes so that we can move on into November and a month-long celebration leading up to Thanksgiving Day. It is, in a sense, a shift from “Scaring to Caring.”

For most of us, the month of November is a time for gathering with others, for the exchange of greeting cards, sharing a meal, or traveling to be with family or distant friends. It’s a time for being especially grateful for the bounty in our lives. For others of us who have experienced a recent loss, the passing of a parent, spouse, or significant partner, or a dear friend, it is a time of deepened grief as we face an important holiday without them here to share it in the ways we had in the past.

As much as I would like to be able to tell you that living a life guided by my heart space offers me an experience devoid of sadness or any sense of helplessness, that is not true. In fact, it seems to me as if such feelings that are part of the territory of caring are even stronger, only bearable as I allow my tears to freely flow without embarrassment (something triggered by a judgment) as I hold on to the truth that God is present in the midst of the situation.

On a spiritual and metaphysical level, this month of November offers an opportunity to shift from fear to love, love of family and friends, even an unconditional love of all. It is an opportune time to slow down the busyness in our lives and allow our hearts to guide us in that caring, to take the time to really hold in mind each and every person who is presently in our lives, adding to it texture and blessings of every kind. It may well be a perfect time to create a gratitude journal or drag out an old one and slowly read through it, maybe adding some new items or people to the list.

As we approach Veteran’s Day, we have another opportunity to express our thanks for all those men and women who served in the military or in one of the supporting roles that ministered to our veterans and especially to remember those who sacrificed their lives to protect us and our allies across the globe.

Want to experience an added dose of gratitude in your life? Spend some quiet time bringing back to mind memories of the faces of those who “came into your life for a season or a reason” and then became part of the past. Consider how those individuals have contributed to your being who you are in this moment. And that sense of gratitude needn’t just be based upon ways you viewed as positive acts; someone who participated in your seeing a shadow aspect of yourself and serving you to make an important shift, of your doing forgiveness work and letting go of a limiting belief—are they not also a blessing, even if it didn’t feel that way at the time?

A great question that I’m asking myself daily is “How can I make a positive difference in the lives of others today?” And I add to that, “Show me the way!”

As I bring this blog to an end, I’m realizing just how grateful I am to be free enough to share these thoughts and equally as grateful to know you have taken the time to open up this blog and read it. May it serve you in some small way that enables you to more fully express who you have come here to BE! Together, we can transform our world.

Love & Light, Steven