The other morning, I got to thinking about some of the words we use so often and how they don’t always align with what we intend or mean when we use them. Take, for example the word “delight.” That’s the word that has prompted me to write this blog. I admit the idea came to me in a moment when a bit of my weird humor evidently needed to be expressed, so bear with me and come along.

If you break down the word delight, you get de and light. According to Webster’s dictionary, the definition of the prefix, “de,” is this: a) do the opposite of (deactivate); b) remove from (a specified thing as in dethrone); or c) reduce as in devalue.

“Light” has a whole host of meanings and one of them, the 5th according to Webster’s Dictionary, is spiritual illumination, a definition most of us are quite familiar with. So, when we reconstruct the parts into the word, delight, does that word really convey what we mean? Not really, I say!

But how about this? Magni-Light! As in magni-fy. I mean, doesn’t that more accurately communicate what we mean when we say we’re delighted about something or we say, “You are a Delightful presence in my life!” (meaning you bring light into my life!).

Yeah, I think this just might be the beginning of bringing a new word into the English language! So, join with me, my spiritual friends! Spread the new word! Let others know what you really mean! Lettum know they are a Magni-Light in the world, shining more brightness for others to see!

Love and Light, Steven