As I begin to create this blog I am once again quietly asking myself, “When are you finally going to accept that nothing in your life happens by pure coincidence! That this is simply another example of Divine Order in action!” For how else could I come upon an old email from December 2020, one that would be so applicable to right now and how our world is in July 2022?

I won’t take up any more time than I need to by trying to offer an explanation. Instead, I invite you to go along with me and continue reading the rest of this blog which, in large part, is the spiritual message I wrote eighteen months ago. It was written to those members of my spiritual community when I was still serving as an active member of our prayer chaplain team. Here goes!

“This is a somewhat unique December for us all, what with our facing the tenth month of the COVID-19 viral pandemic and seeing a surge in the number of new cases, which has led many of us to wonder if we should curtail travel plans and remain at home or not. In addition, we are having to deal with the most contentious presidential election any of us have ever lived through, with a final and decisive outcome still being questioned and delayed right through this month. It is only human to also be asking questions about the new vaccines about to be released.

“I also know, firsthand, how holidays also raise feelings of sadness and grief as we bring to mind holiday memories of dear ones no longer with us on this plane.

“What are the thoughts we are holding in mind as we face the coming days? Remember, God doesn’t judge. ‘It is His good pleasure to give us the kingdom…’ whatever it is we are thinking, for as the song lyrics tell us, Our thoughts are prayers…so be careful what you’re praying for.’

“I don’t think it’s a coincidence that the power we are celebrating this month, along with the birth of Jesus (for many of us), is the power of LIFE. LIFE is the ability to energize, enliven, and invigorate. While Christmas is the time we recognize and celebrate the birth of our way-shower, Jesus, we also use this time to celebrate the re-birth of Christ Consciousness within us. To fully experience a renewed life, we must ready ourselves to release what no longer serves us in order to make room for what our heart-center aches to have manifested in our lives and in our world. It’s a bit like cleaning house; we look around and make choices–what to keep and what to release (what still serves us and what doesn’t anymore)–and then experience a sense of completion, a rebirth. Things look refreshed and we feel refreshed. Isn’t that how we all want to feel as we end 2020, holding a new vision for what we’d like to see in this world in 2021?

“So what are you prepared to release before the end of this year? What doesn’t really serve you or the rest of the world, for that matter? Are you perhaps holding on to some perceptions that may not be true? Some judgments that keep you seeing a world of ‘us and them’? Is what you’re seeing ‘out there’ what you want to see more of in 2021? We do have a choice in the matter, and our individual choices matter.

“While we may typically expect to have meaningful biblical quotes included in these wellness contact emails, I feel guided to share with you something from the book, “Who have you come here to BE? 101 possibilities for contemplation.”  its co-authors are Rima Bonario, and Revs. Jane Simmons and Kelly Isola, all of whom are well known to Unity. And the word is ‘free.’ Here it is, exactly as it appears on pages 98 and 99 of their book.

I have come here to be free.

Freedom begins within. It is a state of mind, not a function of outer
circumstances. When you know the truth about yourself and whom you
have come here to be, that your Essence is whole and perfect, the
illusory chains that bind you will disappear. The truth shall set you free.
Be free from false limitations and live!

Affirmation: My freedom cannot be contained. I find my freedom within.
I am free from false limitations. I am whole and perfect.

ACTION STEP: Write down three myths you may have about yourself or your abilities.  Then pause to breathe deeply in and out of your heart, focusing on something that infills you with deep appreciation.  Once you are heart-centered, look at each myth on your list and ask your heart if you are ready to release it. Allow yourself to fully feel the freedom of letting each myth go. With every release, you will free your Essence to shine more fully and radiantly through you.

“I invite you to actually take a few minutes to complete the action step offered and see if you experience any kind of shift in how you feel. Like anything that is new to us or is something we’ve stopped doing with regularity because ‘life’ has gotten in the way, it takes practice to get results. I hold a vision of each of you finding a greater level of peace and confidence that ‘God has your back!’ now and in 2021.

“Here is an affirmation that I hope will serve you:

‘I breathe in new Life as I release what no longer serves me! I embrace all that supports a fulfilling and meaningful 2021!’”

And all I would change in this affirmation is “2021!” to “2022!”

Love & Light, Steven