I want to express my gratitude to the majority of you who receive email notices about my blogs and never open them up or open them and delete them without ever clicking on the invitation button to read the entire blog. Why am I grateful when my intention in notifying you in that manner has been to get you out onto my website? After all, that is rule #1: Get folks onto your website!

Well, guess what? It’s not working! And, quite honestly, I’ve been trying to figure out why you wouldn’t want to make that extra key stroke and read what I’ve been guided to share with you. And that is truly the source and guiding nudge for each blog I write. Something catches my attention, be it a random thought, an article I read in the newspaper, see on TV or catch in the online news, and I “know” I’m to write a blog or include in a booklet something about how that has touched me, has awakened in me a greater connection with my own spiritual essence. And since I view all of you as my spiritual brothers and sisters, I assume you would all be interested in what I have to say. What do they say about assumptions? Yeah!

So, I stopped asking the “why” question about you and asked myself a why question: If Spirit is guiding me to write something I think may serve others in some way, why don’t I just give it to them, complete, within the email? Now, those who open it up have the opportunity to read it in its entirety or not! It’s their choice. And I’ve possibly increased the chances that the blog will touch some part of more people, and that is my wish.

This moment of self-inquiry—compassionate curiosity—also led me to realize that such manipulative thinking (as in rule #1) was a construct of the ego mind and was not in alignment with who I truly AM. It also shed light on the fact that I was deceiving myself. I was once again slipping into the belief that I had to do something ulterior to influence an outcome.

Not true!

So, this is me, stepping back into Faith, comfortable once again to be in the co-pilot seat, being a channel for this blog and for future ones! And including it all in this email.

One final parting comment and “hats off” to Jon Voight and to Marry Clayton, two very different but no less beautiful expressions of Light beings who continue to live their lives with purpose and joy, as seen on CBS Sunday Morning News!

Love & Light, Steven