It’s an amazing fact that when we remember to take a deep breath and slow down, our whole world can change. It is the truth behind and within the often-heard reminder to Let go and let God! For in taking a deep breath we automatically slow down as we temporarily cease our doing and afford ourselves the experience of being in the flow. And in that moment, we become aware of our True nature. Unique, individualized expressions of the All-ness of God, the Source of all good. We need only open up our heart space and allow it to be expressed through us. That is when the miracle takes place! That is when the world around us changes as we then experience what it means to be one with all of creation.

I know that many of you who are reading this blog have previously spent time in prayer and meditation, and have, like me, attended classes and seminars that teach how to pray and how to meditate. Some of you may have even made this a regular activity within your daily schedule. But can you honestly say you always successfully achieve the expanded consciousness that allows you to set aside all your mental gyrations—your planning and problem-solving, your worrying and concern of something or someone—and to slip comfortably into a listening state of mind and heart? I know I can’t make that claim.

So why is this so? And if it isn’t, what am I to make of it? I think it may be this: to accept that I AM, like all of you, a soul who has chosen to live here on earth in this lifetime as a human being that is still learning the BE-ing part. After all, most of us have been taught to excel in our do-ing. Our society and our culture applaud, recognize, and reward our accomplishments. Only in certain groups do we find our being recognized and accepted for who we are, unconditionally.

That means all of our many parts, not just the ones we may see in others and want to emulate. There is another truth in all of this: we cannot truly see it in others without it also being true that we possess whatever the qualities are within ourselves and that once we accept that truth about ourselves and both see it and own it, unconditionally, then we can authentically see it in everyone around us. It’s called living from within and allowing what we discover to be expressed in the outer world.

Breathing our way into a miracle is a moment-by-moment experience that, over time and with daily practice, becomes an experience that stays with us for longer and longer periods of time. That is a promise that comes with this reminder: We can only experience this present moment and I encourage you to appreciate it, no matter how it shows up. If you find yourself slipping into some kind of judgment about how you or someone else is being, STOP, BREATHE, LET GO AND LET GOD BE GOD IN YOU!

Love and Light, Steven