I was moved to write this blog after having remembered a portion of a recent daily message from Mark Nepo’s “The Book of Awakening.” Here’s what he wrote:

“One of the most painful barriers we can experience is the sense of isolation the modern world fosters, which can only be broken by our willingness to be held, by the quiet courage to allow our vulnerabilities to be seen. For as water fills a hole and light fills the dark, kindness wraps around what is soft, if what is soft can be seen.”

Just this week I had such a moment, feeling a mixture of sadness, isolation, and loneliness, and then I received an unexpected call from someone I unconditionally trust. I stepped into that space of trust and became vulnerable by sharing what was weighing me down and experienced her kindness being wrapped around me. I was safe. I didn’t need fixing (and she never for an instant tried to do that) because, deep down, I already knew what I needed to do. By the end of her guided prayer, I was lifted up and at peace. I had let go of the nagging remnants of hurt and resistance to “what is” and moved beyond the experience which had brought on the hurt.

I was once again centered in the Truth of who I AM and who I’ve come here to be, trusting the still, small voice within to guide me. My gratitude and appreciation are overflowing, needing to be expressed and shared.

I now end this very brief blog, filled with compassionate curiosity as to whether or not your reading of this blog has served to encourage you to also take that step? Are you ready to ask for what it is you may need in order to move through whatever may be causing you moments of feeling somehow weighed down or simply sad or angry about something? Are you ready to allow your vulnerabilities to be seen? I hope so! For if you are, I assure you there is someone in your life, waiting to fill the void.

Love & Light, Steven