Today is the first day of 2020 and it can also be the first day of a new Life! Interestingly, to acquire 20/20 vision necessitates that you close your eyes and open your mind to see differently…to see through an inner Spiritual eye that comes into focus as we open our heart and mind to it.

The practice of prayer and meditation, followed by a time of “contemplation,” is one of the principle necessities in our lives if we’re going to align our life with our Life purpose, with those hopes and dreams we want to have fulfilled in this lifetime. At least this is what I have come to realize for myself. As I keep this practice of prayer and meditation, followed by a period of contemplation, part of each day’s routine, I am finding more and more that the way is shown to me. It unfolds for me and all I need to do is “do what’s next.”

It isn’t always what I may have planned it to be…yes, I do develop a loose vision of how each day is going to be spent, of what writing and recording projects I have planned, what appointments I may have, of what service commitments and social plans I’ve made. But, as they say, “Life happens” sometimes and I must be open to a “plan B.” And this is where the practice of being in the moment pays off.

I can either resist what comes up unexpectedly, in which case I am going to likely complain (to myself if not out loud) and have some “below the line” thoughts and words (if anyone’s within hearing distance…when I go “there,” I love to have company that will listen to my grumblings and join me in an “ain’t it awful” exchange!). And I will also grudgingly do what I “gotta do,” almost guaranteeing I’m going to carry over my resistance and negative attitude into whatever it is that I’m having to do. My blood pressure will go up and I’ve just invited my body to become a target for future illness. You get the picture.

Or I can “accept what is” with little or no resistance, perhaps find it amusing to once again be reminded that the world doesn’t revolve around me and that I’m in my right place doing what’s next whether it’s something I planned or is part of God’s plan for me (one I may not yet be able to understand). Being “in the flow” of Life is a so much more peaceful way to live, knowing I don’t have to control everything all the time, that Spirit’s got my back!

So if the contents of this blog registers with you, then maybe another click on the GUIDED MEDITATIONS page will be worth your time for a listen before you get on with this new day of this new year of this new You! Namaste, Steven