For the past three years my primary doctor and I have been tracking a concerning medical condition: a slow drop in the platelet count which was within the normal range in January 2017 but began to drop noticeably in July 2017 and continued to drop from a count 154 down to 94. However, it began to climb back up, noticeably, in 2019 and my latest bloodwork results show it has continued to climb another 20 points within the past six months. While it is still below the satisfactory range (150-450), I have every expectation that it will continue to rise until it is within the proper range.

Here are two other interesting facts: I had been experiencing a great deal of stress and internal conflict that began several years ago. And as a result of that, over the past year, I have been doing some deep self-healing work, allowing myself to “see the thorn in my eye” and to reflect upon what I was seeing mirrored back to me, then owning my own shadow beliefs and the projecting of them upon others, which I’d been doing.

Along with that, I have had opportunities presenting themselves to me over these most recent six months to be more involved in the practice of prayer and meditation, to be experiencing more moments of “knowing” as opposed to “knowing about.” And I am feeling both blessed and grateful. I fully expect Spirit’s ongoing guidance will continue to support my body’s restoration with absolute wholeness showing up, among its many ways, as platelets galore!

And this realization, that the body-Mind-Spirit connection was manifesting in my life, totally out of my awareness until now, makes me wonder if perhaps others of you are also not connecting the dots to see how your spiritual practices and your consciousness in general may be creating similar healings in your lives without your awareness. I know of friends from my spiritual community who clearly know this about the healings they’ve experienced and would love to hear from them and others on this topic, because I think sharing these experiences helps take the “Woo-Woo” element out of such “moments of Truth.”