Ever experienced times in your life when you feel yourself “crashing”? Being super busy yet feeling very much like your life is being guided by that inner intuitive voice of Spirit? Everything has been aligning with whatever your perceived life purpose is at the time and opportunities and individuals are showing up just when you need them. You feel joy-filled and grateful for all that is happening in your life and then, overnight, you can feel the energy draining out of you. All you want to do is…nothing! Just vegetate (that’s my shadow judgment of me when I appear to be caught up in my “escape mode” and only want to read the next book in the Murder Club series by Patterson or catch up on recorded TV programs we’ve not yet viewed).

Well, that’s how it was for the past few days. And it came to me that sometimes, even while I am feeling very much in the “flow,” there is, sometimes, a level of stress present, of which I’m unaware until after I’ve successfully accomplished whatever it was that I had to complete. And I realized that when I’m doing tasks that tax my skill or knowledge level, such as what’s required to build and update a website or master some kind of technical skill, there is resistance occurring. It is like a leaking of good energy that over a period of time results in the kind of crash I just experienced. And when that does happen, it’s essential that I attend to some self-care by resting and doing what appears to be nothing but, in fact, is exactly what I’m supposed to do.

So I’m happy to share that all the busy-ness over the past couple of weeks culminated in a successful and enjoyable time greeting the many people who attended our annual Writers League of The Villages (WLOV) 2020 Book Expo and stopped by my table to inquire about my writings and find out more about my new website.

And many of the conversations evolved into some wonderful sharings and exchange of ideas and experiences as well as some lessons for me about communications and how certain words invite connection while others serve as triggers that disconnect us. I’m also grateful for the friends who made the effort to come and drop by to support me and especially grateful for my wife who gave up her entire day to be by my side and encourage me to get out of my shell. She is a radiant Light of joy and is very likely the reason why many stopped when they were so cheerfully greeted with a smile and a hello as they came by the table.

And now, after a couple of days of rest, I’m recharged and ready for whatever is next, one day at a time. Namaste.