It never ceases to surprise me when Spirit brings unexpected delight into my life! That’s what happened earlier this week. I received a posting on my Facebook page from someone I hadn’t laid eyes on in over sixty years. They wanted me to call them and I did. And what I experienced was all the good feelings I’d had about them when I was still in college. While we spoke on the phone, it was if the year was 1959 again, for it didn’t feel like I was talking to a stranger.

It was much like my experience when my wife and I attended my first reunion with the eighteen individuals with whom I had graduated from high school. I was back there feeling and acting like only a day had passed and we were all high on the energy, acting like eighteen-year olds…silly and spontaneous and joy-filled.

Talking on the phone with two people who hadn’t seen nor heard from me in all those years, except for a few Facebook postings and exchanges, was a very similar experience for me. And after we ended our 45-minute conversation, I thought more about the experience and realized, “These are the unexpected gifts that come from fairly consistently following the guidance of that still, small voice of Spirit. And part of the gift is one’s being connected with long ago moments when we were, without realizing it at the time, having moments of being in the present moment, in the now, experiencing God’s love being expressed through us.”

The capacity to love is not extinguished by the passage of time and it matters not whether what I experienced was anything like what they may have been experiencing. But my intuition tells me the connection may have opened the door to yet greater unexpected gifts that come out of being open to new possibilities. And I wonder if others have had a similar experience?

Namaste, Steven