Over these past few weeks there have been a number of unexpected transitions or near-the-edge medical conditions involving people who I love, people who are dear to my heart. The uncertainty of life has caused me to explore whether or not I am truly ready to accept the inevitable—that we all must face the reality of our own life, in human form, ending at some point.

While I feel quite comfortable with the idea of my own life ending unexpectedly—that I wouldn’t experience my transition with any sense of incompleteness, should the unexpected happen—as I allow myself to review all those who mean so much to me—I do wonder if I’ve let everyone of those individuals know just how much they have meant to me and in what specific ways. And while I have asked myself this question before, in the past, everything changes over time.

That means who I valued in the past (or didn’t value because of old false beliefs which blocked me from fully and unconditionally recognizing others) have also continued to evolve on their spiritual journey and they too have gifted me and others with their talents, their Presence, and their unconditional love and support. And as I have changed, I have come to recognize and appreciate in others both past and current qualities and ways for which I am now grateful. The question I am asking myself here is: Have I let them know of these things, of how they have most recently added moments of joy to my life? Of how I value them?

As always, these blogs are a way for me to examine whatever it is that I’m being called to focus upon, for the evolvement of my own consciousness, so I can be in alignment with my spiritual essence. It is also my calling to be “in the moment” and to share these things with others and invite them to also explore their life, their journey. And by “their”, I mean you! If you are up for it, please do it with a consciousness of compassionate curiosity. No judgments. No blame. Just perhaps an opportunity and reminder to take some action before the unexpected happens.

I don’t know about you, but in asking myself this question, the first person who comes to my mind is my beloved wife. While there are many others—family and friends—I have known much longer, no one has had a more profound impact on my life than she has. It was she who awakened me to my capacity to love at every level forty-seven years ago, although we would both have to spend the years since, dealing with those wounded aspects of our psyches, those hidden parts that neither of us were yet ready to allow into the light of inquiry.

The good news is we were both grounded in a search for spiritual truths and we both found our spiritual home in a Unity Spiritual Center in New York City. Through all the trials and the tribulation we faced in these married years—taking us from up North to South Florida and eventually further north into Central Florida where we’ve been living for the past fifteen years—I can speak for myself when I say, it has all been worth it.

In those very first moments, days and months, we saw beyond one another’s outer persona and caught a glimpse of the divine nature within one another. We saw in one another qualities and traits we needed in order to feel complete. Two souls drawn together in order to help one another find ourselves. And like many of us, we each were needy, while at the same time strong-willed and defensive. In a way, we were the perfect match for one another, although we couldn’t have been more different in many ways…on the outside; she was vivacious and outgoing; I was shy and introverted, but on the inside we were very much aligned and in tune with Spirit.

What I’ve noticed in these most recent days is this: We are both finding one another just a little more aware of how we speak to one another, how we make a point of acknowledging the various things we each do around the house, how we stop and breathe when we become aware of the other reacting with those giveaway, telltale signs that they may have been triggered by something we’ve unintentionally said or done or a look we’ve given which invites the other into their shadow mind.

And all of this is happening because of our willingness to be open to compassionate inquiry.

I’m also finding myself more able to see and recognize the services of others and to let them know of my appreciation or gratitude when I see it, to stop what I’m doing and take an extra few minutes to either call or send an email to let them know before I continue with whatever project I’m working on. And as I write this I have made a note to myself to spend a few minutes reviewing the names of people I’ve not been in touch with over the past year or so.

Sadly, just this morning I was told that one of those individuals just suffered a massive and irreversible heart attack. While I am now holding her in my prayers as she makes her transition, it’s also true that I missed the opportunity to tell her how I felt about her and how I admired her positive spirit, even when she was dealing with challenges. Perhaps she will “know” of my love of her if she didn’t already, once she settles in to what awaits her in the next realm.

So, what about you? Are you ready to spend a few minutes taking an inventory of those you include among your family and friends and let them know of these things, of how they have most recently added moments of joy to your life or have helped you see things from a different perspective? Of how you value them?

My experience tells me you will be blessed in the process and so will those others in your life.

We never can be certain as to when the unexpected may happen and we lose our opportunity to tell them while they are still with us in both body and spirit. Please do not let your outer life get in the way of your being able to say, “I am fully ready for the unexpected to happen even as I look forward to what may be next in this lifetime!”

Love and Light, Steven