I am always amazed at how Spirit drops its little jewels of Truth, bringing them to us in the most unexpected places! Today one of those places and times was while I was spending a little “away from the world” time reading one of James Patterson’s Alex Cross novels. Alex was interviewing a serial killer and Alex was asking the killer to remember a time when he knew right from wrong. The killer’s response was “yes” and Alex went on to say, “Of course you do. It was there before you were born…The heart is alive and alert long before the brain develops. It’s a deeper organ of thinking, another way of knowing.”

And the implications of this scientific fact struck me, for isn’t this what we come to understand and are encouraged to know for ourselves, by becoming still, breathing, and quieting the mind in order to hear the guidance of our heart where we experience our Oneness with God?

So while we may read spiritual books and look to the many teachers and spiritual authors and leaders that continue their exciting and revealing studies and scientific research into the power of prayer, of our thoughts, and of the spoken word, we also need to be “fully present” while we’re occupied with such seemingly nonspiritual activities such as leisure reading or while watching an “escape” movie, for you never can know when Spirit might be wanting you to catch another reminder of the Truth of our Being and how that may show up!

Love & Light, Steven