Today’s Daily WordL message was built around an analogy about a specie of the lily family, the surprise lily, and that prompted me to write a blog about how our human spiritual journey is much the same, using the Easter Lily since we are preparing for the upcoming Christian holy week that begins with Palm Sunday and ends with Easter Sunday, universally symbolized by the Easter Lily. As an aside, the month of April also is an important holy month for the Muslims who celebrate Ramadan and those of the Jewish faith who celebrate Passover, and while this blog uses a symbol associated with the Christian holy season, its message applies, unconditionally, to all people on a spiritual journey, regardless of their particular religion.

Like any variety of lily, its Source is contained within the bulb that lies deep within the ground. It lies there, seemingly dormant through the fall and winter seasons. Yet even before the winter layer of snow begins to melt and/or colder ground temperatures start to climb, a renewed cycle of life is being prepared and pushes up from within to bear its first signs of blossoming into what it is intended to be, a beautiful flower that bears many blossoms, many gifts.

So, it is with us. There is, deep within us, the potentiality of all we have come here to be and to express. For some of us, it has remained hidden to us, blocked from the light of awareness by old self-limiting beliefs, many of which were formed and then pushed into a repressed state of unconsciousness because of the emotional pain we experienced at a time we were unable to fully understand.

For many of us on this spiritual journey into becoming all that our heart whispers to us to claim and manifest, we now have had glimpses of the spiritual powers that lie within. As I like to say, “Once we Know, we can never again not-Know!” We may slip into old ways of thinking and even get caught up in the drama and chaos around us, but not for long, for our enlightened consciousness draws us back into an open heart and we again experience the dance of human living, our mind and heart joined as co-partners with the One True Source, God.

We have the rest of this month of March to prepare the soil for our own rebirth and renewal as we take part in the practices of the season of Lent. It is a time for recognizing and letting go of what no longer serves our highest good. It is our opportunity to go apart and spend time each day in the Silence, in time of prayer and meditation, of affirming what our heart desires, and then listening to God’s still, small voice, and making the commitment to take the action we are inspired to take, knowing the best is about to be manifested in our life.

Here’s another surprise that comes with the process: When we live our lives in this way, we also get to see the same being manifested in those around us as they also get caught up in the same dance!

I invite you to be like the lily and become all you’ve come here to be, and do it one day at a time, one moment at a time so you can enjoy each moment!

Love & Light, Steven