I have to admit I have been struggling with remaining detached and centered whenever I turn to one of the news channels to keep informed about what’s happening in our country and in the world. Mainly because of the constant coverage of our president and what he has to say about almost everything. I quickly tap the mute button until he’s done…in order to avoid being triggered!

But I just finished listening to Joe Biden’s acceptance speech from last evening’s DNC CNN coverage (we recorded the evening) and I almost immediately felt myself drop into my heart space and I remained there, mesmerized, for the next 25 minutes! That’s what this blog is all about.

That man spoke from his heart and as a result he seemed to me to be channeling divine truth from that place we in Unity so often speak about. He was passionate and delivered one of the most powerful speeches I’ve ever heard him give. It was like he’d spent years learning about the same things we all are learning about as we strive to move beyond those limiting and divisive beliefs many of us grew up believing. It was like receiving a shot in the arm and immediately feeling lifted up out of doubt about the future! And I am grateful for that!

So, for any of you who didn’t record or listen to last evening’s talk, I encourage you to click on the YouTube link below and listen. This really isn’t about politics or one’s party affiliation. This year’s election is about the very things we say we care about and whether or not we will have a democracy much longer, whether we will have the choice to come together as one nation for all or not. We do have a choice!


And as always, I sought a third party to review this and was reminded that many of you will see this as a political piece and that I will get some negative feedback. Perhaps, although for me it is much more about basic rights, equality, and justice for all, without exception. And I don’t believe for a minute that those ideas are only shared or represented by one single political party or one religious group.

Love & Light, Steven