I’m feeling ever so grateful for the happenings in my life, particularly over the past couple of weeks! Truly, Divine Order guides my journey when I’m open to the unexpected, the unplanned, the “That wasn’t how it was supposed to happen!” moments. And there’ve been a whole bunch of them recently. Mostly having to do with my efforts to introduce blog postings on my website and dealing with my having a “technical learning curve” in discovering the intricacies of developing a website, planning and developing of products, and figuring out how it all works.

And while I’ve had some wonderful support from a number of spiritually-minded and talented ladies (Lisa, Tana, Rev. Ann Marie, Paula, Kaye, Karen, Carla, Elin, and Deni…hope I haven’t left anyone out!) and a wise gentleman, Art, circumstances outside my control have happened, leaving me to discover just how capable I can be when I stop fretting (I do that on occasion) and have a little faith in myself. And all of that moves me along in the direction I’m guided to take, experiencing little tiny “successes” and allowing myself to feel a little pride. Someone…I think it may have been Elin, reminded me that it’s okay to have a feeling of pride when we overcome obstacles in our lives.

Let me get to the main point and purpose for my posting these thoughts: Through a lot of inquiry on my part and because of the many folks I didn’t mention earlier (Facebook friends who responded to an inquiry I posted here a few days ago), I now realize that in order for most of you to even get notice of my postings, I need to first post them to my Facebook page (as I used to do before my new website went “live”) and then copy and paste the posting as new blogs on my website in order to have them seen by anyone who hears about the site and happens to visit it. That all will take time for others to find and have reason to visit it. But meanwhile I want all of you who used to pretty regularly post “like” or “love” or “wow” and sometimes a comment, to see them, my intention being that they serve you in some little way.

I do hope that, as you read these blogs and also browse and scroll through the pages on my website, you’ll find the offerings have enough value to you to complete a “contact form” (they’re on several of the pages) and register so you can be on my mailing list for upcoming quarterly newsletters. I would love for you to do that! And if you would keep visiting it every few days and also pass along the link to it to your friends, that would be great as well!

Love & Light, Steven