So often at this time of year we are encouraged to express our love to and for others. We do this through the giving of gifts to those we are closest to, either led by our heart or by tradition; it’s often what we’ve learned to do, that giving or receiving a gift means we are thoughtful or that we’re thought about by someone else. And as we reach our senior years, the holidays tend to revolve around our families, particularly our children and grandchildren, for those of us blessed to have them.

For some of us, and I include my wife and me in this group, we find ourselves being a family of two and are okay with that. For still others, there is no partner or spouse because of divorce or because they have transitioned. And as I write this, I’m experiencing a range of feelings that come upon me as I try to imagine what it may be like for those who are alone during the holidays.

Why? Many reasons come to mind. Most of us have had the opportunity to acquire a level of material wealth that has allowed us to live life fully enough that we feel quite rich indeed! But regardless of what our bank books and investment portfolios may reflect, one can still feel uncertain or perhaps a little blue and alone because, I think, we’re overlooking an innate source of prosperity, abundance, and connection that can only be found when we look within and allow ourselves to connect with the most divine Source—our Godself!

For the moment we become still and rest in the space of The Silence, the prosperity of mind, body, heart, and soul become apparent to us and we experience gratitude and appreciation for who we truly are. And when we can see and know that about ourselves, we can then see and experience it in all those around us, in all those whose names come to mind from the present and the past.

So, my simple offering/prescription is to give yourself the gift of Love and allow yourself to receive it and then pass it on as you make your way through the remaining days of this holiday season. For, as the lyrics to the song goes, “You are so beautiful…to me, can’t you see?”

Love & Light and Blessings, Steven