It seems like Spirit wants me to make sure I “get it”…that I must continue to remain in alignment with the intuitive urgings I receive and the unfolding path my life journey is taking me on. I say this for a number of reasons. My first blog posting a few days ago was about the same issue, dealing with those around us who see things differently and allowing their seemingly opposing views and beliefs to sway me from remaining true to my own inner guidance.

And since that posting, I have had several more opportunities to move into self-doubt, all because there is that wounded part of me that slips into the forefront of my mind and nearly blocks out any connection with the truth of who I am. Thankfully, I attended service yesterday morning and heard a message that was, in part, about listening to that still small voice within and having faith in the direction of my life and to continue to share my truth with others. And that is what this website and this blog is about. So, I’m sharing a posting I made on Facebook a few months ago, for it speaks to this same issue and bears repeating for those of you who may not have seen it when I first wrote it.

“It has come to me this morning, like an energy jolt, how fragile my own faith and trust can be, despite the many moments when I know what is my truth and purpose for being here. I realized that I allow myself to be moved out of the flow and “knowing” when I take in the words of others and believe, even for an instant, that someone else knows me better than I know myself.

And with this sudden awareness I reflect back upon the possibility that I may sometimes, unwittingly, say something that causes another person to doubt themselves too. And while I know we are each responsible for what goes on inside our minds, that we have the power of choice—to believe and take on someone else’s perceptions or not, I also believe I am not living in alignment with the truth of who I am, when I dismiss my role in such an exchange.

My take away from this is: While it is important for me to be open and receptive to what comes into my life, I also need to rely upon the guidance I receive daily and remain centered in it so as not to take the words and actions of others personally, for what they do or say is a reflection of themselves, and my response is to be understanding of this and love them unconditionally. And that brings me into alignment with my own truth and peace is mine again.

Here’s an affirmation that I will be using to remind me, as I approach the start of a New Year, that I see the behavior and words of others with understanding and Love, drawing upon the very best that is within me: “As I open to the power of Understanding, I express compassion, curiosity, patience, and selflessness in all things.”