As the news of the world about both the increase of new COVID-19 cases and growing tension from demonstrations in the streets of more and more cities continues to evolve, shaped by both the words and actions of the majority as well as by a smaller but seemingly powerful few, I’ve caught myself saying to myself, “I told you so!” And I’ve quickly come to the realization that it’s a trap I need to avoid, and perhaps you may come to the same conclusion after you read on. That’s what this blog is about.

Both my wife and I have been what some might call “very cautious” when it comes to dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic, choosing to continue to wear a face mask whenever we know we’re going to be anywhere near others, like when grocery shopping or on those rare occasions any friends come for a brief visit. We apply social distancing in the house when this occurs, although we do mutually agree to removing our masks so we can carry on a conversation.

And, as we’ve witnessed many of those around us in The Villages responding positively to the gradual re-opening of restaurants, shops, movie theaters, and town squares, even voicing their approval of the relaxing of the guidelines and the belief that the virus is no worse than the flu, a level of concern has crept back into my life because I think it’s all happening too soon. People are getting back into traveling more, and many have decided it’s no longer necessary to adhere to the wearing of masks or social distancing guidelines, especially when they congregate in the outside dining and bar areas.

But now what seem to be reliable sources that are tracking and reporting the number of new, confirmed cases of people testing positive, county-by-county, show there’s been a steady increase of cases in Florida and in many other states across the United States over these most recent days. Yet politics and economics seem to be driving us in a direction that is in direct contrast to the views and recommendations being expressed by our medical and health experts. Who are we to believe?

Well, my gut is telling me to continue to be cautious, for my sake as well as for your sake.

So, I’ve asked myself the question: “What if I’m right?” What if we even find out a couple of weeks from now that a growing number of all those individuals who gathered in the confined area of that arena for our president’s campaign rally in Tulsa, Oklahoma, crowded together without face masks, become infected with COVID-19? What if the same begins to take place in other parts of the country as a result of all the demonstrations where only a portion of the participants are wearing masks?

I realize that in even thinking the thought, “I told you so!,” is an expression of the need to be right about the appearance of things, and that means I’ve slipped back into a consciousness of separation; I’m right and “those others” are wrong and they’ve brought it upon themselves and everyone else they are in contact with. And that is not in alignment with the Truth of my being, nor is it the Truth of those who see things differently than I do. They have access to the same protective God-Presence as I, although it appears as if they are unaware of that when I am viewing them from my conditioned consciousness and am relying only on the five senses of touch, sight, hearing, smell, and taste.

Mine is not to judge them but to see them from a higher perspective, one I can only catch a glimpse of when I’m centered in and aligned with the Truth of who I am. And while I’m continuing to discover how much regular, daily practice and commitment to being in the present moment this requires of me in order to also see others in that same light of understanding, the sense of connection that comes with it enables me to move on through each day, firmly anchored in a Faith that allows me to appreciate all the many gifts of God’s Grace and to be able to say, with some certainty, that “My eye is on the sparrow and I know God watches over me.”

One final word about my writing of these blogs. I write them only when I feel guided to do so and when I do, I can only share what is going on in my inner world in the hope that it reaches some part of you and stimulates you to have your own conversation on the topic. And perhaps to be willing to share with me some of it. And you can do that by clicking on the “log in to leave a comment” tab at the very bottom of the blog. I’d love to hear your thoughts!

Love & Light, Steven