Dear viewers, please note that when this blog was first released, a few hours ago, there was an edit error in the final sentence; it has been corrected in this posted version. We regret the error.

I wasn’t intending to write another blog today about a topic I’d already touched upon in my earlier blog, dated April 6th. What I was inspired to do was develop a booklet about it and put a priority on the development of the manuscript so I could turn it over to Hallard Press to handle the design and formatting of it into a print-ready form for me to proof. I think the material that Everett Considine has developed, in conjunction with Dr. Susan Pierce Thompson, founder of the Bright Line Eating Program, offers another systematic and easy-to-understand approach to this whole arena of transformational tools like the Q Process, Mary Morrissey’s Dream Builders, and Byron Katie’s The Work. Where it deserves an elevated level of exposure is in the fact that an upcoming webinar opportunity (that closes today) is tailored to our present moment where fear is high around the world as it struggles to deal with this Coronavirus that is rampaging across the globe and across our country.

But I also thought I shouldn’t wait another several months before I and the publisher could make such a booklet available for people. And earlier today, while I was watching more of the video, I realized I needed to make the attempt to blog about it and at least lay out some of the very fundamental elements of this powerful new system for dealing with recognition of all our PARTS and an explanation of how and why these various parts have evolved to become such powerful aspects of our sub-conscious, hidden processes that operate out of our awareness, that actually have evolved to protect and serve us.

The only problem with this is they also keep us stuck in old patterns of thinking and behaving. And they get in the way of our ability to exercise self-care; we lose the ability to concentrate, to have clarity; they keep us from experiencing peace; we lose the ability to remain free of whatever addictions we may have (drugs, alcohol, sex, food, risky behavior, etc.) and we lose our ability to imagine and manifest all the possibilities of a brighter, more fulfilling life!

In this time of the Coronavirus pandemic, there is, as Everett explains, a vicious cycle taking place in many of us and it is caused by some of these different PARTS of us triggering yet other PARTS, unintentionally causing our fears to be magnified.

For example, the PART of us that horrible-izes (the HORRIBLE-IZER) the world situation as fear glues us to the TV news stations throughout the day; that PART focuses on the worst-case scenario and triggers any number of other PARTS, like the ISOLATOR (who then carries distancing to the extreme and avoids everyone) or the STOCKPILER (who over-prepares and fills their garage to the rafters with canned goods, toilet paper, paper towels and cleaning agents and germicides) or the BURROWER (who emotionally hides from the situation and does nothing but remain in the grips of fear), and the INDULGER (who distracts or numbs themselves from the stress by consuming comfort foods or over-indulges in drinking, sex, or whatever serves them as a way of escaping from their own fears). Everett and Susan have identified seventeen (17) different PARTS and will no doubt be adding to the list over time.

But there is within all of us a CENTERED SELF (some of us might know this as our Divine or Christ Self) that can see this cycle when it is happening and can intervene and turn the situation around. Our CENTERED SELF is calm, curious, confident, clear, compassionate, creative, courageous, and connected. And all of those qualities and traits enable us to deal with those other scared PARTS of ourselves and reassure and quiet the other PARTS.

PARTS WORK consists of three steps:

1. To identify what the inner experiences are

2. Externalize the inner hidden experience (bring it out into the Light of awareness) and

3. From our CENTERED SELF utilize our qualities to separate and distinguish ourselves from these inner experiences to think, feel, and act more effectively.

That, my friends, is what PARTS WORK is all about. I encourage anyone who is experiencing a lot of stress and fear over what’s happening to take a look at this video before it is taken off Youtube.

And here’s the link to watch the replay of the final 4-hour masterclass that Everett and Susan Pierce Thompson produced recently.

Love and Light, Steven