This blog title came to me while processing some feelings I’ve been experiencing, sporadically, over the past couple of weeks. It’s taken from the title of a book, “The Road Less Traveled,” written by M. Scott Peck, back in the late 1970s. It became a best seller and was on the top of that list for a number of years.

The title came to mind because I’ve been musing how my life seems to have narrowed, in some ways, over the past couple of years. Narrowed in the sense that my spiritually-focused life is one that finds me spending more time alone, more time observing the world around me in a process of gaining a better understanding of it and how and why it is as it seems to be, and where and how my life fits in.

That’s what this blog is about and I am hoping that some of the answers will be drawn into the open as I allow Spirit to guide the writing journey for the blog. I also hope that you may be able to identify with where I’m at and that the words will resonate with aspects of the journey you are living.

I should add, here, that while I was inspired to begin writing this blog on March 28th, it has taken me these four days to complete it. Why? Because when I say I write with the guidance of Spirit, I mean that literally; I can’t just sit down and write it all in one sitting unless I have previously cleared away all blockage to it and, in this instance, I hadn’t and that required me to spend more time in prayer, meditation, contemplation, and inner work.

While my life has been, for the most part, one for which I am grateful and feel blessed to be living, one where I believe I am fulfilling my purpose through my writings and sharing of what my living looks like, guided to do this while I listen for what is mine to think, say and do, I still find myself questioning myself and seeking answers as to why it may seem like a narrower path.

I know the long period of isolation, brought on by the COVID19 pandemic has certainly contributed to feeling like my path, socially, has narrowed; that’s a reality but I don’t think it’s the reason for why my path may be feeling narrower. So, I asked myself again, why does it seem I am experiencing sadness and why the self-questioning? What’s been going on in my life recently that has changed? That might have brought this on?

And this came to me! With all the joy, gratitude, and peace I’m experiencing lately, all through the Grace of God, I realized that my heart center is very open and that keeps me open to also experiencing what others around me are experiencing, including those who show up in TV movies and shows; I become “lost” in the experience unfolding on our large TV screen. And what are two of the shows we’ve been watching on Sunday, Monday and Tuesday evenings? “American Idol” and “The Voice.” Both are finishing the process of narrowing down the contestants to the final, much smaller group that will be featured in the remaining few weeks of the shows.

Well, I’ve been finding myself experiencing what the contestants are experiencing as they work through all those hidden false beliefs about themselves that keep them from expressing a transcendent moment when they break through and allow their hearts and passion for singing to lift them and their incredible talents into full view.

As a person who has had the opportunity to study voice and to perform for others since I was an adolescent, I am able to recognize and appreciate those moments, those performances that are guided from the heart, to feel one’s self lifted by Spirit and able to freely soar; and I am also vulnerable to experiencing the sense of disappointment and heartache when one’s dreams seem dashed by being told “You’ve reached the end of the road…” And all of that drama can be quite energy-depleting and emotionally draining. The moment I realized this connection as I watched these artists, I could feel myself becoming re-energized and the sense of calm and peace followed.

Where does this leave me as far as the issue of my living a road less traveled, of at times feeling socially separated? I think in some ways it is a Godsend, that through the Grace of God, I can connect with people and situations in ways that are far more important than whether or not I “fit in” with the norms of our various societies and cultures. What’s important is that I do my best to live in alignment with the inner guidance that allows me to BE who it is I’m here to BE. And if that means being “less in the outer world,” then so be it! What does matter is that I also embrace others, unconditionally, seeing the very best within them and knowing they are, like myself, doing the best they can.

If I can truthfully claim that I have lived this day in this way, then I am free to slip into a restful sleep, filled with a feeling of gratitude and peace of mind, and I affirm for you the very same!

Love & Light, Steven